Slot machine random number generator

Mechanical gaming machines, which once gave rise to the development of the video gambling industry, were easy to operate, had three reels and a gear lever, shafts, and rotating slots. This time was a grace for people who wanted to “cheat” game iron, thin metal rulers were used, not very gifted mathematicians calculated the power of the drive jerk of the “one-armed bandit”, others tried to use magnets and much more.

Naturally, this did not bring joy and financial prosperity to the casino, so the machines were replaced by card games, roulette and instant lottery. Everything changed with the advent of the first computer, the electronic brain quickly entered all production spheres of human activity, high technologies began to bring stable profits, of course, computer programs did not pass by the casino as well.

The owners of gambling establishments have greeted with enthusiasm the rapid, large-scale invasion of computer technology in the world of excitement and big money. For those inveterate players who resisted confronting the electronic machine, a few “one-armed bandits” were left in real casinos, but this is most likely “retro”, a tribute to the founders of the history of slot machines.

In modern slot machines, the outcome of the game is determined by a random number generator (RNG) embedded in the software of the device. Despite the fact that the slots can have the usual classic look, they all have one filling, a computer program and an emergency, they determine the rotation of the reels and the location of the symbols on the slots, it is they who can empty their pockets and plunge any player into despondency, and it they can bring financial prosperity to the lucky one. Now just one click can lead the player to the jackpot. In other words, the RNG makes the game on slots fair, and the victory is purely random. Special reviews such as this Frank casino review will help you choose the best casino.

The random number generator works constantly when the reels are spinning, when the winning march is played and the pay lines are being counted, when the car is not used, but connected to the power – random numbers in the amount of hundreds and sometimes thousands of numbers per second almost always go at tremendous speed . After pressing the “Spin” button, the reels spin, the RNG instructs the program when and in what sequence it will stop, usually from left to right. This means that the start button is pressed a fraction of a second sooner or later, the result will always be different.

Almost all slot machines, as a rule, are programmed to pay from 92% to 98% (the average payout percentage on slots), there are no 100% payouts, and will not be. The frequency of wins on slot machines, and the amount that they pay, is determined in such a way as to give a percentage of the amount paid to the player and of course the casino, and this process is constant, millions of spins are constantly spinning, whoever wins, but the casino wins the most. What does this mean, although the result of each spin is really pure coincidence, the total percentage of payments (payment over a long time) is determined in advance.

In other words, any slot machine is never exclusively winning, or vice versa, since the payback percentage of the machine is programmed for a long time. It will happen, maybe all, two jackpots in a row and a month of wins in the form of a donut hole. It is this factor that makes the casino unpredictable as the weather, then a sunny mood, then a cloudy day.
So decide for yourself to try your luck in the fight against internet casino, and is it worth doing at all, knowing that your mental abilities were not taken into account when calculating the percentage of profit for the casino.