How to choose an honest online casino

If you really want to become a professional player in an online casino, which means a comfortable life due to constant wins, then the first thing you should learn is to trust no one. Generally never and never! Or rather, only trust yourself.

Only because of this you can only blame yourself for all your failures, and you won’t be a victim of scammers, who are more in this business than in any other. After all, as you know, casinos on the Web are created for profit, and some of them are just for the purpose of taking money from gullible users.

How to choose a casino online?

From the very beginning, refuse to believe all kinds of advertising and reviews in the forums, no matter how truthful they are. Understand that there is a huge army of professional commentaries who carry out any orders for a penny (in our case, they post rave reviews about how they won in a particular casino). In fact, not one of them has ever played and is unlikely to play, and you, believing their sweet speeches, will simply lose money. However, simply finding an online casino, registering in it and immediately winning is almost impossible. To get started, at a minimum, you need to find a casino that will not fool you.

How to choose a good fair casino

If you want to win at an online casino, then you copy its address and send it for verification to find out the following things:

  1. Real attendance.
  2. Domain lifetime.
  3. Its story.
  4. And total attendance over the last 2-3 years.

What does this give to us? The answer to the question: “Can I win at this online casino or not?”

Judge for yourself: making sure that the casino attendance exceeds 2-3 thousand people a day, you understand that such a casino is trusted, which means that it does not deceive the players. The domain’s lifetime tells you how long a casino has existed in the Internet gaming market, but it is known that scammers create online casinos for several months, deceive everyone who tries to play it, and disappear. The history of the domain will tell you about all the violations on the part of its owner, and the total attendance over the past few years will show whether the current number of visitors is the result of a counter or advertising campaign.

Which casino to choose?

So we decided on the external indicators of the site. However, this does not mean that right now we should start playing on it. Now let’s see what the site has inside. If you want to start playing now, it is better to look at the list of casinos accepting visa.

  1. We pay attention to the bonus system in online casinos, knowing that the steeper it is, the less likely it is that we are dealing with a scammer. A large selection of types of bonuses is one of the ways to “keep” a player. Fraudsters do not need to spend effort for players to become regular customers.
  2. Pay attention to the availability and amount of the Jackpot in the online casino. It is especially interesting to look at the history of its payments, the rules of winning and growth. Information about winnings of especially large jackpots in this casino can always be found on the Internet.
  3. Then we pay attention to the number of gambling, because fraudsters will not fill the site with hundreds of different games, knowing that in order to earn 2-3 thousand dollars, they just need to place a roulette or slot machine on their site. Be sure to ask the developers of these games.
  4. Now register an account and carefully read the rules of the system. As soon as we find in them that you can withdraw money from your account only if they exceed the amount of $ 20-30, or money can be withdrawn only once a month and then exactly in a month, it means only one thing – they want to cheat, knowing that rarely will anyone keep money idle, and most likely without waiting for the withdrawal deadline, you will lose them. Therefore, look for the casino in which at any time you can withdraw even 1 cent.