Percentage of return in online casinos: what is it and how to use it

Many players feel that the higher the return rate, the better, as if that percentage could potentially influence the likelihood of winning, let’s still find out what the term really means, how and what it really affects, whether it affects the likelihood of winning, how it can be used to take advantage of it.

Those of you who play online casinos know about the notorious 95% kickback that works in these services. But not everyone has a clear idea of what lies under the term “average return percentage in slots” and how it affects the player’s wallet. Let’s try to understand this phenomenon and find out how it can be calculated.

What does the rate of return in online casinos have to do with it?

Online casinos and gaming services treat the “payback percentage” as a certain number that represents the ratio of the sum of all bets made to the sum of winnings, which was additionally multiplied by 100%. Such definitions have nothing to do with reality and are being introduced into the vast expanses of the Internet in order to confuse the minds of the players and confuse them more severely.

The fact is that in practice, everyone who plays for a long time loses more and more money every day. In fact, the greater the game distance, the less chance of real winning. The easiest way to illustrate this is to use a concrete example. When playing any slot with an average 95% return, the player bets 100 dollars per spin. The mathematical expectation for each spin is $5 (minus 5% – that is minus $5). In other words, the user somehow pays 5 bucks per spin.

On a distance of 1000 spins the loss on mathematical expectation will be equal to 5000 dollars, that is not much not less – whole 50 bets. The longer the game lasts, the less likely it is to win. If you look at the forums where players exchange experiences, it turns out that many of them complain about the fact that even after a few dozen deposits in one casino they can not rise above the deposit. And all because they play approximately as follows.

  • First, they make a deposit of 500 dollars.
  • Then there are slots with a rate of 0.5-1 dollars.
  • The game on this algorithm takes a lot of time.

This is exactly the algorithm of the player’s behavior, for which all the casinos are praying. With this model, if there are any winnings, there are very few and very few. In general, if the goal is to break the score, you simply can’t do it in the way described above!

How to increase the probability of winning gambling?

And conversely, there are algorithms that increase the chances of winning. They are called “swinging dispersion”. For everything to work out, you need to choose the right size of the bet and the number of spins. Making deposits of 500 dollars, for example, you should choose a standard rate of 3 to 5 dollars, sometimes betting bigger (10 to 20 bucks). Wagers and restrictions on bets that pop out at the time of wagering bonuses arose precisely for this reason. Moreover, many services artificially reduce the maximum bet size. You can find good conditions for playing at the casino at It is important to look for a reliable casino, which will help you get everything you need to play.

No, of course, with 95% return, you can sometimes win on a deposit of 500 with constant rates of 1 dollar. Such situations are possible especially on highly dispersion slots. But the dispersion is allowed to accelerate itself, in the same Space Wars with large bets and a small bankroll. In short, knowing the mechanisms of automatic machines, you can use this information for their own purposes.