Honestly, about how an online casino actually works

Online casino – a site with gambling, which one brings the opportunity to win and have fun, and the other gives a huge income. But the device of the Internet casino is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance. It uses sophisticated software that manages the work of all modules, which include game, financial and security components of the site. Let’s understand how online casinos work, and what you need to run your own gambling project. This article will be interesting both to entrepreneurs who dream of creating their own gambling site, and to players who will be able to better understand the device of the casino and the specifics of its work.

What is online casino

Online casino – a gaming resource that offers a game for money and the opportunity to win. It uses a software platform and solutions that manage the game, financial and other resources used by users on the site. A real online casino must have the necessary legal documents and provide its customers with a number of services. Any official online casino implies:

  1. Availability of a range of games – a set of gambling by various developers;
  2. Personalization services – personal cabinet, financial instruments for deposit and withdrawal of accounts;
  3. Information sections – pages that include important information about the rules of work, privacy policy, licenses and other information;
  4. Use of the software platform. It is software that regulates and integrates the work of different software modules that are used in casinos. Without a casino platform, it cannot work with game software providers.
  5. Various plug-ins. For example, most casinos offer bonuses and loyalty programs.

How online casinos work

First of all, any virtual gambling club is a complex site, the work of which is strictly regulated by law. As a casino site has a domain and is hosted (server). It is on the hosting placed all the user data and software that manages the site. But it’s not all that simple. When an entrepreneur or a company decides to create a casino, it is not enough just to use the resources that are necessary for the normal site. After all, in the case of gambling it is a question of big money, and this area is strictly regulated in any country. To get permission to run the casino requires a license.

License – a special document that confirms the verification of the site by a competent organization. These organizations are called gambling regulators. The presence of a license indicates that the site uses proven software, and the administration honestly fulfills its obligations towards the players. But licenses cost thousands of dollars, and small sites can not always afford them. Lack of a license is a reason to think about whether it is worth to trust your money to an institution that cannot provide any guarantees. Therefore, when choosing a site for gambling, you should use only proven online casinos, and also pay attention to Online Slots With Bonus 2019.

Licensed casinos

There are two main types of casinos:

  • Which are based on a licensed software platform.
  • Script casinos.

The first type of casino is a reliable institution, where everything works on the basis of mathematics, which was originally laid down in the game. Here everything is determined by the so-called RNG (random number generator). That is, any winnings and loss of symbols / numbers / combinations is determined by chance. And most importantly, mathematical calculations are carried out not on the side of the casino itself, but on the site of the supplier of games. If you play, for example, in the slot Microgaming, the results of the spin on the slot machine of this manufacturer will be determined on its own server. It is thanks to this system, the casino can not twist something there. If the machine has a certain rate of RTP (Return to player), it is on this basis that the winnings will be distributed.