Georgia Casino Bill 2023

A new bill has been filed in Georgia that could legalize sports betting and other forms of gambling. SB 57 is sponsored by Senator Billy Hickman and has nine co-sponsors.

The proposed law would generate revenue for education through the licensing and taxation of sports betting. It also allows for sports betting kiosks to be installed at bars and lottery retailers.


Georgia is a tough nut to crack for sports betting, as the state hasn’t seen legal wagers on professional and college games since the Supreme Court opened up the market in 2018. But recent polls indicate that voters in the Peach State support sports gambling.

As such, there has been a push to legalize gambling in the state in recent years. But previous attempts have stalled out in the legislature and failed to garner enough votes to qualify for a constitutional amendment.

Despite these setbacks, supporters say that the Peach State is poised to become the next player in the legalization game. The 2023 legislative session may offer a chance to make progress on sports gambling legislation, and the state’s new governor could be supportive of the idea.

Gambling is a controversial issue in the state, especially among religious organizations. It’s often viewed as a threat to families and a magnet for crime. But some lawmakers are beginning to see the merits of the issue.


The Georgia General Assembly has been hesitant to pass gambling laws, but that could change soon. A proposal to allow sports betting and casinos is advancing in the House.

In a January poll, 64 percent of respondents said they would support legalizing casino gambling. The majority of voters said they were in favor of allowing a limited number of destination resorts featuring casinos.

A constitutional amendment to allow sports betting, horse racing and casinos will need to be approved by the General Assembly and sent to voters for a vote in November. A two-thirds majority is required in both the House and Senate to make it a statewide ballot question, and Governor Brian Kemp will need to sign it.

The proposed constitutional amendment says half of all proceeds from sports wagering, horse race betting and casinos would go toward health care programs and state subsidies for prekindergarten classes. The other half would be spent on new financial aid for people in the state who are low-income.


Currently, Georgia is not a gambling-friendly state. There are no casinos, and sports betting is unregulated in the state. This has pushed many lawmakers to explore options for gambling expansion, including legalizing online sports betting.

While online gambling is not yet legal in the Peach State, many popular sportsbooks such as FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM and PointsBet are already planning for legalization. This could accelerate the process if legislation passes in 2023.

Pro-sports betting supporters argue that increased tax revenue for the state would be worth the effort. They also point out that offshore sportsbooks are currently taking illegal wagers from Georgia residents.

In 2022, a bill to expand sports betting failed in the House, but pro-gambling lawmakers are still pushing forward on the issue. They have introduced a new bill, SB 57, which is similar to the one that failed in 2022.


Georgia is one of the most conservative states in the nation with some of the strictest gambling laws. In recent years, the state has been trying to legalize gambling and allow things like sports betting. However, a number of bills have failed to pass.

Despite this, there is still hope for legal gambling in Georgia. A new bill called SB 57 has been introduced. It allows for up to 18 online sportsbooks.

It would also create a sports betting commission that would be overseen by the state lottery. The proceeds from sports betting could go toward the HOPE Scholarship and other educational programs.

The legislature has tried to legalize gambling several times in the past. However, it has always failed to pass. It is unclear whether sports betting will finally be regulated in Georgia in 2023.